GayCamp and your personal data

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the data protection regulation that governs how, when and why one may process personal data. As a member of GayCamp, your personal data is handled in GayCamp's member register in accordance with current GDPR. GayCamp works continuously to comply and protect personal data from members, auditors, contributors and our departments.


What personal data is registered for members and donors?

When you become a member or give a gift, you give us the right to register your name, address, telephone, mobile, e-mail, social security number and/or date of birth with payment of membership fee. If you are a member and choose to end your membership, your personal data will be deleted. Your membership number and zip code/postal address will be saved for statistical and financial reporting.



Information from the member register is only used by GayCamp operations and maybe shared with members of GayCamp, for the distribution of information and requests for gifts. For example: member letters, annual meeting invitations, mailing lists for e-mail and SMS. GayCamp does not pass on information from the membership register to third parties.

Anyone who believes that GayCamp has not protected their personal data in the correct manner has the right to file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority, which has the supervisory authority.

You must provide the requested personal data to GayCamp as a requirement for you to be granted, or allowed to extend, membership in GayCamp. Anyone who does not provide the requested personal data runs the risk that their application for, or extension of, membership will not be granted.


Updates to the membership register

Members of GayCamp can have their address information updated, if necessary, otherwise mailings are sent to out-of-date addresses. This will lead to unnecessary costs, a lot of extra work and that you as a member do not get the information you want. Of course, if you have chosen not to be notified by mail then you will not receive any updates, even if your address is updated.


Who has access to the membership register?

Members of the board who are responsible for member management will administer the member register. Access is strictly limited to the area for which responsibility applies. Sometimes we need help with development or other services, then these agencies will work under the same type of confidentiality as described above - your data must be safe with us.

We have a policy that states that we will not save personal data that is not required anymore. GayCamp will delete personal data after the end of the relationship if the personal data is not necessary for us to comply with any other laws. If you have questions about this, contact us at and we will help you.


Your rights

You have the right to request access to, correction and/or deletion of your personal data from GayCamp.

Contact us if you have any questions.

The controller of personal data is GayCamp. The representative in matters of personal data at GayCamp is the Board.

If you want to know what personal data we currently have stored on you as a member, you can contact us at If you want to end your membership and have us remove your personal data from our membership system, please contact us at If any information is incomplete, misleading or incorrect, we will be happy to change it for you, contact us and we will help you!