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Gay Camp 2019 cancelled

Dear Former and Future Gay Camp Participants,
It is with great sadness that we announce that we must cancel the previously scheduled 2019 Gay Camp. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the camp that we had booked to host the Gay Camp this summer changed the terms and conditions of our stay, making it unsuitable for us to proceed with the booking. After much work, we were unable to find a suitable location that both hosted the facilities that we require and fit the operating budget of our organisation.

Future Campsite - We want Your suggestions

We would like your recommendations for future campsites. The location should be able to accommodate approximately 60 men, have sauna facilities, access to a body of water, offer catering and be relatively private. If we select your location, we will award you a prize.

Send your suggestions to us at Please include contact information for your recommendation.

Sincerely, Gay Camp Board