Summer camp in brief

Base group

One thing that makes GayCamp so appreciated is the connection and confidence that arise in the base groups. When we come to the camp, we are divided into base groups. A base group consists of 6-8 people. Each group includes a participant from the camp organization. The base group meets between breakfast and lunch. Participating in a base group is mandatory.


One of the aims with GayCamp is to promote sexual health among men who have sex with men (MSM). We do this by giving seminars about HIV and safer sex. These seminars are held in English and Swedish. By having all participants taking part in these seminars, we get grants from the Swedish Public Health Agency and can thereby hold down the camp fee and offer seats at a reduced price. Taking part in these seminars is therefore mandatory.


For GayCamp it is important that everyone feels safe at the camp. As in society in general, you are expected to treat others with respect and sensitivity to their personal boundaries and integrity. For instance, this applies to taking photos and close encounters. We also ask that you ask people in photos for permission before posting photos or videos to social media..

A whole week

The beauty of GayCamp is the connection and trust that is being built up during a whole week. When you sign up for GayCamp, you sign up for participating the whole week.