Our network

The GayCamp Association collaborates and networks with a number of different organizations. We arrange GayCamp together with Studiefrämjandet since 2008.


PDF: Ash Rehns Master Thesis about GayCamp - Community Work with Gay and Bisexual Men On an International Summer Camp.


The Public Health Agency of Sweden - HIV and STIs
KCSH - Knowledge Centre for Sexuality and Health (former Lafa)

RFSL - The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights
Noaks Ark - HIV organisation working with limiting the HIV epidemic and its consequences since 1986
Posithiva Gruppen -for HIV+ men who have sex with men

Hiv idag - HIV today is not like yesterday – information in 12 languages
Hivportalen - for those who work with HIV/STI-prevention and sexual health
Hiv-Sverige - improves life quality for people living with HIV

Preventhiv - a website with the most frequently asked questions and answers about HIV and testing
Sentry- safe sex for men who have sex with men
Fritt fram - sexual orientation at work

Kärleksakuten - medical students about love and sex
Stockholms mansmottagning - sexual health clinic for men – information in 7 languages
Hela Hälsingland - an article in a local newspaper from GayCamp 2012